Perfume through the universe of Granada

In 16th century Renaissance Palace of great architectural beauty, located at the foot of the majestic Alhambra of Granada, the PATIO DE LOS PERFUMES offers you a true olfactory and timeless immersion.

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Christmas at Patio de los perfumes


Enjoy the best experience during the festivities and offer unique products for all your loved ones.

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Agua Real


This non-greasy moisturising gel combines fresh aloe vera juice, rose water, white flower extracts, Orange Blossom and Lily, which soothe and balance the skin.

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Olfactory meetings

Cologne Worskshop : create your own perfume!

Unlock your creativity! On the perfume organ, smell the fragrance blotters and let your emotions guide you. Throughout the workshop, our perfumer will help you to create your own fragrance. Read more.

Incense rituals

Ancient and aromatic treasure, the incense is one of the first ingredients used in the history of perfumery. Discover our incense.


Discover the distillation in our museum

Steam distillation is the most common technique for obtaining essential oils.