Sacred Source

Sacred Source

A perfumer is constantly seeking out new scents, original perfumes and natural fragrances that can awaken the senses. It is this search that led me to the borders of eastern Tibet.

In Lhasa, the "Sacred Source" incense is crafted according to a traditional, ancestral technique and is exclusively elaborated with botanical ingredients and water drawn from a local sacred spring.

In the high slopes of Dzongsar valley grows the Juniperus Squamata. Commonly known as ‘Spama’, this plant is reputed in Tibetan pharmacopoeia for its calming and relaxing properties. Accompanied by local doctors and guided by their time-honoured expertise and knowledge of Buddhism, I was able to study more closely the many virtues of this plant, which grows at an altitude of over 3700m.

In partnership with the local Dzongsar valley dispensary, and for the first time at such high altitude, we managed to distil Spama essential oil with which Laboratoire Hévéa has created its first meditation balm − Cloud Balm. Cloud Balm contains the most precious, fragrant plants that act directly on the mind to promote an emotional calm that is conducive to a meditation session.

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