Romanticism in the Patio

The french romanticism at Patio with “The Lady of Camellias“

Novel written by Alexandre Dumas'son in 1848

The french novel relates the love story of Marguerite Gauthier, a parisian courtesan in the 19th century, and Armand Duval, a young bourgeois. Marguerite, named “The Lady of Camellias”, used to wear in her buttonhole different colors of camellias to comunicate with her lovers : white flower when she was available and red flower when she was not. The story is focused on the courtesan’s sacrifice who had to give up her love for Armand. She was a victim of the prejudice which said that a courtesan doesn’t have any virtue so she didn’t deserve this relationship. The novel inspired the opera of Verdi, La Traviata.


The camellias are from the Theaeceae family as tea and rose bush. The camellia symbolises longevity, fidelity and happiness. Samourai ‘s emblem, symbol of life’s fugacity. The white camellia inspires Chanel’s creations since 1923.

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Colors meaning:
White Camellia : “Don’t refuse my love”
Pink Camellia : “You fill me with happiness“
Red Camellia : “You are the most beautiful“

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Romanticism in the Patio

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Romanticism in the Patio

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Romanticism in the Patio

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Romanticism in the Patio